Russian Orthodox Wedding

I spent a weekend in Moscow attending my class mate’s wedding – a Russian Orthodox Wedding. To sum it up: it was beautiful and thanks to English booklets provided I could follow the ceremonies. Getting to Moscow centre from the airport was easy. There is a direct Aeroexpress train to the main station. From there it was a bit challenging. I took a photo of the tube map and then compared to the signage on the train to get to the station. I must thank the many Russians who helped me even though they couldn’t speak English and I couldn’t speak Russian. A mix of signing and pointing did the trick.

The Wedding

There are some interesting aspects of an orthodox wedding. While the couple is blessed in the house of Jesus, there are certain aspects which are different from other Christian weddings I have been to:

1. The couple wear a crown each (actually the best man and woman hold the crown over their heads). The main priest and his colleague then recite verses blessing the couple.

2. The couple circles the main area of the church seeking further blessings

3. We threw flower petals at the couple as they came out of the church.

4. The church was still open to general public while the ceremonies were conducted.


Sadly I didn’t see much of Moscow as I had no time but I hope to be back one day. Russia is a beautiful country and Russians are lovely and one day hopefully I can emulate Ewan Mcgregor and Charlie Boorman but in my case using trains and buses.

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