San Sebastian: A short getaway

Getting to San Sebastian is easy from London. I took a flight to Bilbao and then the bus to the San Sebastian. The bus is at the far end (around 100m) to the left as one exits the airport. It costs approximately 15 € and journey time is 70 minutes. Note: one needs to buy the return from the office and cannot be bought from the driver unlike the ride to San Sebastian. The return ticket costs 16.95€.


The first night was uneventful save from the alarm of someone from the dorm room. The noise outside the hostel was loud and getting some sleep proved very elusive. OLGA hostel near the centre is a decent place – a converted 3 bed place I think – it doesn’t have the atmosphere of other hostels but it is nice. Friendly staff (the Spanish bloke doesn’t speak English but he is very kind).


Today I did what I usually do. I walked aimlessly around the city soaking in the place. In my view there are much prettier beach towns but one comes here for the food not for the sights. A view of the marina as such:


I walked around the neighbourhoods looking for tapas places and found plenty. Food was excellent and reasonably priced ( there are more expensive ones but you can still eat a lot of good food for under €20). At the hostel it was paella night – Jamon and paella are my 2 favourite Spanish foods.


I went to Monte Urgull – a look out point with panoramic view of the town. The hike is not easy but not difficult either. Around 20 minutes I was at the top and was greeted by the statue of Christ.

With a few hours left before my flight, I spent the next few hours with a coffee/beer watching the city go by.

Final word

The two things I have learned in this short trip:

1. It is not worth a weekend trip. It has cost me around £400 for the entire trip and I had to scale back on food – spent eating Tapas rather than at fancy places.

2. It is a place for atleast 4-5 days if you are willing to spend on food. It can get expensive.

Will I come back here? Most certainly with a foodie who will find the right food place no matter what.

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