Hello Brussels!

A weekend trip to Brussels seemed like a perfect getaway from London. I was looking forward to indulging on waffles and having a few pints of beer. However a combination of recurring hay fever and common cold came in the way – Bottomline: I have to go back again to get a better feel of the neighbourhoods in Brussels and ofcourse indulge.

I did, however, manage to do a walking tour around the main attractions. While the architecture is generally beautiful, the highlight was Delirium Pub. As a beer drinker, seeing a place serve upto 3000 beers was exciting and I managed to drink a pint (with great discomfort). The decor was nice and the bartender very friendly. Another highlight in Brussels was learning about the iconic statue of Manneken Pis.

Other than that walking tour, I was pretty much holed up in the hostel. I stayed at 2GO4 quality hostel, a 10 min walk from the city centre. The hostel lacked the spirit and enthusiasm of many other hostels I have stayed at but it made up with the quality of the shower, friendly staff and very clean rooms (4 bed with ensuite bathroom). I will stay there again.

It was unfortunate that I was sick. But next time, I hope to indulge.

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